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            About Us
            Contact Us

            Tel: +86-512-58220050
            Fax: +86-512-58810865
            E-mail: sales@haopipe.com
            MSN:    haopipe@hotmail.com
            Skype:  haopipe

            Talent Cultivation

            Talents are the most valuable asset. Therefore, Huahua Industry makes great efforts to offer employees jobs with creativity and challenges, a relaxed and healthy working environment, comprehensive and targeted training for promotion, and competitive wages and benefits in order to attract the right talents and cultivate them to be pillars of Huahua Industry in the future.

            The training mechanism is a very important part of Huahua Industry’s system for talent cultivation, which adopts several training methods, including on-the-job training, outward bound, joint training with universities, online training, and remote training. Among them, on-the-job training is the most critical, which includes pre-employment training, Health and Safety, training in corporate culture, technical training and management training.

            Employee Training

            Post Training Content Training method
            Production Operators Knowledge related to HSE and production safety; operation instruction; equipment maintenance, and skills required by position Lecture; pre-shift meeting; tutor training; internal tutor training; on-site practice; work shift; work change; training of professional skills for special posts
            Technicians Technologies and processes of steel manufacturing, technical standards, map-making software, and equipment transformation Lecture; internship; external training; technical exchange; forum
            Salesmen Marketing skills, communication skills, business etiquette, job skills, and professional service skills Mock sales; case study; lecture; work shift; work change; internal tutor training; external lecturer training; and external training
            Management staff at basic and medium level 6S management skills, team management, knowledge related to executive workforce, management innovation, business administration, communication, detail management, strategic management, and further study Lecture; short-term training; exchange; visit; external lecturer training; external training; training cooperated with schools
            Senior management Leadership, management training , management innovation, strategic decision-making, and financial operation Lecture; overseas training ; further study; reading relevant books; external training

            Promotion plan


            Administrative Posts Production Posts Technical Posts Sales Posts
            General Manager General Manager Chief Engineer General Manager
            Vice General Manager Plant Manager of headquarters Vice Chief Engineer Vice General Manager
            General Inspector Plant Manager Senior Engineer General Sales Manager
            Deputy General Inspector Vice Plant Manager Vice Senior Engineer Vice General Sales Manager
            Manager Scheduler Engineer Business Manager
            Director Shift Leader Assistant Engineer Business Director
            Employee Group Leader: Technician Salesman


            Cultivation Object Main cultivation method
            Senior talent Assistant to General Manager, technical experts such as tutors, exchange meetings, and MBA
            Medium talent Assistants, external training, public post competition, talent reserve
            Junior talent Experienced employee as tutor; work shift; to cultivate an individual to have one specialty and several abilities, to be able to operate several machines, and to be qualified for several posts
            Senior talent reserve Responsible person of each department shall teach the talent reserve in person
            Medium talent reserve Select talents externally or from personnel at basic levels to participate in trainings annually

            Internal Promotion
            Huahua Industry is one of the few enterprises which adopt an internal promotion system. Growing and nurturing our talent is a key element of Huahua Industry’s corporate culture, and forms the core of Huahua Industry’s employment system. Along with Huahua Industry’s progress and growth, employees are proud to be part of the Huahua Industry family, which will also strengthen the cohesion and teamwork of Huahua Industry.

            Another system closely related to the internal promotion system is the job rotation system, namely that the employees can change to another post after working for an adequate number of years in a position. They are progressed to work in Huahua Industry’s different departments On job rotation , Huahua Industry will respect the employees’ wishes, and offer more opportunities for employees to advance their careers.

             Training Moment

            Qualification training course for nondestructive testing Qualification training course for welder Fire drill
            Job psychology training for women employees Training camp held in Xi’en Huangpu Training on QHSE Tri-System for internal auditors
            Kick-off Meeting of Huahua Industry’s Excellent Performance Mode Project Engagement ceremony of internal lecturers Training course named “Weekly Talk”
            Employees in Jiangsu Skills Competition Employees in Haohua Skills Competition Employee obtained MBA of Asia (Macao) International Open University
            Employee obtained course-completion certificate of Chairman Training Course in Sun Yat-Sen University Employee obtained diploma of Joint College or Bachelor Degree from Shaoguan College/Haohua Vocational School for Industry and Commerce

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            Tel: 0086-512-58220050 Fax:0086-512-58810865 E-mail: sales@haopipe.com
            Add: No.17,Southeastern Avenue, Economic Development Zone (South Area),Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, China.